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Nestled along the stunning Gulf of Corinth, Xylokastro embodies a picturesque seaside town and is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Peloponnese.

It is located approximately 41 km northwest of the city of Corinth and belongs to the municipality of Xylokastro-Evrostina. Its name is rooted in history, going back to the wooden barracks of the garrison that stood at the local watchtower during the Second Venetian Occupation from 1687 to 1715.

This charming town has developed into a popular tourist destination over the past century. Xylokstro has a range of hotels, luxury villas and apartments that welcome visitors looking for a mix of history, natural beauty and modern amenities.

One of the town’s highlights is its seafront section adorned with a large pedestrian and cycle path, ideal for leisurely strolls or invigorating bike rides along the coast. This delightful pathway allows locals and tourists alike to revel in the coastal beauty while taking in the refreshing sea breeze.

The city pulses with energy, offering a vibrant ambiance filled with an assortment of restaurants, cafes, and bars that appeal to various tastes.

The long Beach of Pefkias, a prominent feature of Xylokastro, stretches along the city, showcases a blend of organized sections and untouched natural landscapes. Beach bars add a touch of vibrancy to the coastal experience, providing a perfect setting to bask in the sun and relish the sea views.

As the day winds down, Xylokastro treats its residents and guests to a breathtaking spectacle, the beautiful sunset over the Corinth Gulf. This daily event has become a cherished tradition, casting a warm, golden glow over the city and leaving an indelible mark on the memories of those fortunate enough to witness it.

In essence, Xylokastro is a multifaceted gem, blending history, nature, and modernity into a compelling tapestry that beckons travelers to explore its unique charms.

The top sights in Xylokastro

  • Villa of Sikelianos
  • The village of Kallithea with its stone bridge
  • Trikala villages
  • The Stream of Mills in Eurostina (Zacholi)

How to get to Xylokastro

  • The international airport “El. Venizelos” is only 2 hours away by car
  • By road: From Athens, via the Athens-Corinth National Road (Olympia Odos / Α8/E-75) – 1.45 hours drive | From Patras via the Corinth – Patras National Road (Olympia Odos / Α8/E65) – 1.15 hours drive
  • By buses KTEL : Every 1 hour from Athens

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