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Kiato, A coastal gem in the heart of Corinthia’s beauty

Nestled on the Corinthian coastline, Kiato embodies the charm of a seaside paradise in the fertile embrace of a picturesque valley. It is the seat of the Municipality of Sikyonia the second largest municipality of the prefecture of Corinthia. Crossed by the Elissona and Kyrillo rivers, this enchanting city is located just 22 kilometers west of Corinth.

The city, known as Sicyon in Mycenaean times, flourished from the 5th to the 2nd century BC, reaching its zenith under the tyrant Cleisthenes. Notable figures such as the sculptor Lysippus flourished during this golden age, leaving a lasting legacy, including the well-preserved ancient theater of Sikyon.

Kiato is nowadays a busy tourist center, as it has the largest beach in the eastern Corinthian gulf and one of the most beautiful in the Peloponnese.
As it is in a prime seaside location, it attracts crowds of holidaymakers, especially in the summer months. The city’s charm is enhanced by its proximity to Athens, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking respite from city life.

The town center is buzzing with energy from a range of shops that invite exploration and immersion in the local scene.

Kiato comes alive in summer, painting a vivid picture of seaside life. Along the coast, a tapestry of experiences awaits you, from the lively atmosphere of beach bars and restaurants to the welcoming charm of organized beaches. As day turns to night, Kiato’s nightlife lights up, offering a variety of entertainment options.

With its seaside charm, historical treasures and picturesque landscapes, Kiato invites travelers to explore its blend of relaxation, cultural richness and natural beauty.

The city centre of Kiato, Early 20th century | Archive: Androutsos

The top sights in Kiato

Beyond the city limits, there is a treasure trove of attractions:

  • Aesthetic forest of Mongostos
  • Monastery of Lechova
  • Ancient Theater and Museum of Sikyon
  • Kryoneri Observatory

How to get to Kiato

  • The international airport “El. Venizelos” is only 1.45’ hours away by car or suburban railway.
  • By road: From Athens, via the Athens-Corinth National Road (Olympia Odos / Α8/E-75) – 1 ½ hours drive | From Patras via the Corinth – Patras National Road (Olympia Odos / Α8/E65) – 1 ½ hours drive
  • By suburban railway: Every 1 hour from Athens, Piraeus, International Airport El. Venizelos. From the train station of Kiato, there is also a bus connection to Patras.
  • By buses KTEL : Every 1 hour from Athens, Corinth and Xylokastro
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