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Discover Corinth town, where history and modernity converge. A glimpse into the past and present of Corinth

Corinth, a city with its roots firmly anchored in history, takes its name from the ancient city-state of antiquity, Ancient Corinth. Nestled in the heart of south central Greece, it proudly holds the title of the capital of the prefecture of Corinthia in the Peloponnese, and is the 2nd largest city in the Peloponnese.

From the ancient paths to the sacred steps of St. Paul, Corinth’s journey through time is a captivating narrative that beckons explorers to its doorstep.
The history of Corinth in recent years, like the city itself, has been marked by dramatic events and the indomitable spirit of its inhabitants. In 1858, a cataclysmic 6.5 magnitude earthquake destroyed the old city, now known as Ancient Corinth, located three kilometers southwest of the modern metropolis. Emerging from the ruins, new Corinth rose to the northeast, perched gracefully on the shore of the Corinthian Gulf. In 1928, the city faced another test when a 6.3 magnitude earthquake occurred, requiring a complete rebuild on the same ground. In 1933, a fierce fire raged in Corinth, leading to yet another resurgence.

Corinth, located about 78 kilometers (48 miles) west of Athens, is blessed with a unique geographical tapestry. Its surroundings include the Gulf of Corinth, the iconic Isthmus of Corinth graced by the Corinth Canal, the Saronic Gulf, the Oria mountain and the imposing monolithic rock of Acrocorinth, which dominates the medieval citadel.

The heart of Corinth has a thriving commercial center and an old market, mostly pedestrianized, embraces a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. In particular, Corinth made history, as it became the first city in the world to adorn its sidewalks with signed mosaics, by the painter Ephrosyna Hastoupis-Parousis, in 2010.
The mornings in Corinth are full of energy as small boutiques and famous retail chains tempt shoppers. Coffee shop culture is booming, with a variety of establishments offering unique designs. Choose between the bustling Kolokotroni Square and “Panagi Tsaldari” square, known by the locals as “Perivolakia” or explore quieter spots in the surrounding pedestrian streets and arcades where you’ll discover hidden gems. For food connoisseurs, the options are equally enticing, ranging from street food to traditional taverns, local produce shops and restaurants celebrating the local and Mediterranean cuisine.

Kalamia Beach, the jewel of Corinth, offers a cosmopolitan and modern beach experience. Whether you prefer to relax in a café-bar with a panoramic view of the sea or take leisurely walks along the promenade, the experience is truly enchanting. And for your evening outings, Corinth offers you a variety of bars and music stages that cover all musical tastes.

Corinth, a city of deep history, rich culture and thriving art, is intrinsically linked to the legacy of Saint Paul the Apostle. Corinth is buzzing with life, presenting a myriad of entertainment options, experiential activities and shopping opportunities. You will find Corinth an ideal destination for an unforgettable getaway.

As for gastronomy, Corinth is a treasure, known for its fine fish and seafood from the Corinthian Gulf. The region is also famous for Corinthian raisins, juicy grapes, olive oil and abundant fruit. Nestled against the backdrop of the sea, the city evokes an island atmosphere, with its symmetrical urban design leading you effortlessly towards the sea. Cyclists and pedestrians are well accommodated on wide sidewalks.

An ever – evolving city, Corinth strikes a harmonious balance between relaxation and the welcoming charm of a country town just a stone’s throw from Athens (83 km / 52 miles). It is seamlessly connected to Athens International Airport and Piraeus via a highway, buses and the Suburban Railway.

Corinth invites you to share its rich history, enjoy its natural beauty and enjoy the warmth of a modern yet enchanting city.

  • Don’t miss the opportunity to take a morning stroll through the fish markets on Periandros pedestrian street for fresh fish from the Corinthian Gulf
  • Follow the tempting aromas in the old market, a sensual delight of freshly ground coffee and local delicacies.
  • The magnificent sunsets at Kalamia beach. The view, a constantly changing masterpiece, will take your breath away

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