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Introducing Charalambidis Gelateria, the beloved extension of the renowned Charalambidis patisserie, now serving delightful ice creams at Vrachati beach.

Join the Charalambidis family tradition and indulge in the exquisite selection of handcrafted ice creams. Made with the same passion and dedication that has been passed down through generations, each scoop is a testament to our commitment to quality and taste.

Located at Vrachati beach, the gelateria offers a perfect retreat from the sun-drenched shores. Treat yourself to a moment of pure bliss as you savor the wide range of irresistible flavors, from creamy classics to unique creations that will captivate your palate.
Experience the magic of Charalambidis Gelateria and discover why the family’s name has become synonymous with exceptional desserts.

Charalambidis Gelateria, where tradition and innovation meet to create unforgettable ice cream experiences.

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