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Archaeological Museum of Corinth

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Archaeological Museum of Corinth

The Corinth Archaeological Museum, nestled within the Ancient Corinth site, offers a rich exploration of the city’s history. Its construction was carried out by the American School of Classical Studies, with a donation from Ada Small Moore in the 1930s, and it was designed by the architect W. Stuart Thompson, following the architectural standards of the “Chicago School.”

The Corinth Archaeological Museum offers an immersive journey through time, allowing visitors to traverse the rich annals of the illustrious city and the broader Corinthian Prefecture. Within its well-curetted galleries, a diverse array of exhibitions it showcases:

  • Prehistoric Gallery: Entitled “Corinth at Prehistoric times” contains findings originated from the area of Ancient Corinth, the Korakou Hill and the site of Zygouries.
  • Classical Gallery: Entitled “Corinth, a powerful city-state” contains Artifacts from Geometric, Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic Corinth.
  • Roman Gallery: Entitled “Corinth, a Roman colony” contains findings located in the Roman, Byzantine and Frankish city.
  • Asklepeion Gallery: Entitled “Asklepeion, the healing sanctuary” it contains finds from the Sanctuary of Asklepios such as effigies of body parts, .and the early Christian cemetery.
  • Atrium: The gallery includes a collection of statues, sculptures, Greek and Latin inscriptions as well as findings that serve as proof of the presence of the Judaic community in the Roman city.

In 2015, an ambitious project culminated in the transformation of the museum’s east and south wings. These newly revamped spaces now house a captivating exhibition that narrates the tale of ancient Corinth, spanning from the Geometric Period to its ultimate demise at the hands of the Romans in 146 B.C.


The Museum’s Atrium

Opening hours:

Winter time: November 15th, 2023- March 31st, 2024:  8:30 – 15:30
The Museum is closed every Tuesday


Combined Ticket:Full fee: €8 | Reduced fee: €4
Combined Ticket is valid for Archaeological Museum and Archaeological site of Ancient Corinth

The Museum is closed on days:
December 25th and 26th | January 1st | March 25th | Orthodox Easter Sunday | May 1st


The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth and the Archaeological Site are easily accessible for people with disabilities.

Access the museum

  • Suburban Railway: Athens Suburban Railway Network, route Athens International Airport – Kiato Corinth, Corinth station.
  • Bus: The city of Corinth is connected to Athens, with frequent Intercity Bus Services. In addition, there are regular Bus Services from the city of Corinth to Ancient Corinth.
  • By car: You can take the detour to Ancient Corinth National Highway Corinth – Patra with direction to Patras (Ancient Corinth node).
  • Parking: A parking area is available for cars and buses near the Archaeological Area.

For more information visit the official website of the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth

Source: Archaeological Museum of Corinth, Wikipedia

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