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Treasures of Corinthian Land – Live Cooking in Ancient Corinth

Treasures of Corinthian Land

The event “Treasures of Corinthian Land” is taking place for the 2nd consecutive year at the Archaeological Site of Ancient Corinth, next to the Temple of Apollo.
Visitors will attend a Symposium featuring speeches from 7 renowned speakers, while in the outdoor area of the traditional village they will enjoy a unique Live Cooking experience with guest chef Giorgos Stilianoudakis.
Accompanying him will be Giannis Bratsolias, Executive Chef at Wyndham Poseidon Resort & Ramada Poseidon Resort, and Kostas Georgatzas, Executive Chef at Electro Greece.


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Organized by: Association of Professionals of Ancient Corinth
Gastronomic Event Coordinator: Katerina Karsioti
Video Production: Merkourios Gkoumas
Graphics: Angelos Kurtidis
Sunday, 16 July 2023 | 19:45
Archaeological Site of Ancient Corinth