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The award winning Lemon performance experience in Xylokastro

The award-winning Lemon celebrates 5 years and anchors in Xylokastro!

Lemon, the performance-experience that has been witnessed by more than 15,500 spectators, celebrates 5 years of journeys throughout Greece this year! It is the story of the pianist 1900, who was born on a ship and never set foot on land.

Lemon anchors in Xylokastro and the Open Theater V. Georgiadis for a single performance this Saturday, August 19.
Melachrinos Velentzas (pianist 1900) and George Drivas (trumpeter Tim Tooney) offer us an enjoyable two-man show that oscillates between physical theater, live music, dance, and song. 70 stormy minutes of a vivid theatrical narrative that, with humor and emotion, brings to the surface the existential question:

Are you feeling happy?
Saturday, August 19, 2023
Something more than just a performance!
Dear audience, activate your senses!
Audience members will have the opportunity to watch the performance without their mobile phones through the original action #theatroxwriskinito, thus preserving the atmosphere of the performance and the overall theatrical experience.
They said about Lemon!
After the end of the performance, audience members can share their Lemon experience on camera by participating in a video about our theater together.
Be a co-star in this story!
Lemon is a self-funded independent production with the research goal of cultural decentralization and site-specific performances. The contribution of the audience to the continuation of this journey is very important. Through the purchase of the ecological bag “Theater exists where there are spectators,” you can also add a lemon to our production and make the journey last.



The Lemon Crew
Author: Alessandro Baricco
Translation: Stavros Papastavrou
Adaptation – Direction – Movement: Georgia Tsagarakis
Set Design: Natasha Tsintikidi
Piano Construction: Thomas Marias
Costumes: Kelly Stamatópoulou
Technical Manager: Lefteris Douris
Social Media Campaign: Aphrodite Preveza
Graphic Design: Alatidesign – Shanti Thomaidis
Photos: Dimitris Manis, George Kaplanidis, Haris Germanidis, Elma Ney
Video – Subtitling: Grigoris Stathopoulos

Melachrinos Velentzas | 1900
George Drivas | Tim Tooney
Production Organization: Jason Tsoukalas
Artistic Direction: Melachrinos Velentzas
Production: MV Productions

Performance Information
Saturday, August 19, 21:15
Open Theater Vasilis Georgiadis, Xylokastro
Tickets: €16
Reduced: €13 (unemployed, student, people with disabilities, large families, over 65, under 18, actor’s imperfection)
Group ticket: €13 (15 people and more)
Group reservations: 698 712 6304
Pre-sale: &
Information: 698 712 6304 |

Lemon – Melachrinos Veletzas

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Facebook: @melachrinosvelentzasactor
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