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15th Rock Sinantisi Kiato – The city music festival in Kiato

15th Rock Sinantisi Kiato 
Surfing in the city and more!

Rock Synantisi Kiato (R.S.K.) is a city music festival. Since 2005, in collaboration with the Municipality of Sikyon, it has continued to support and promote the Corinthian music scene, focusing on the dynamic local bands that express themselves in various genres of music: rock, metal, hip hop, jazz-blues, Greek rock, pop.

It may be the only urban festival in Greece that stands out for its local creations. Apart from the music in its concert venue, it includes exhibitions by Corinthian artists, such as visual arts, books, handmade jewelry, photography, tattoos, graffiti, fanzines and more. Thus, it showcases both the musical aspect and the cultural impact in the arts in general.

Rock Synantisi has hosted great names from the contemporary Greek scene as guest performers. Although it has lost some ground in recent years due to the pandemic and changing circumstances, the main philosophy of R.S.K. remains unchanged.

Defying the times, it continues to express an alternative audience that seeks its own sounds and musical heroes among them, despite social and economic challenges.

Rock Synantisi Kiato returns this summer, stay tuned!
15th Rock Synantisi | July 29th & 30th
Sikyonia 2023, Municipality of Sikyon